We deliver your success.

Any idea why a shopper chooses a colourful premium bouquet, while another shopper prefers a bunch of Tulips or a flowering plant? We do! Because we know the consumer, we know all about their buying behaviour in flowers and plants.

The market is moving abundantly and we’re moving along. As we thoroughly know our customers and we make their lives easier by our professional approach. Our global network of partner growers enables us to always find the right product portfolio and supply this under the best circumstances.

As Category leader we even take it a step further, proposing assortments based on shoppertype and the most attractive ways of displaying flowers and plants. Because the success of our customers is our success.

Innovation is in our DNA. To take sea freight as an example, we were the first successfully transporting flowers from Colombia and Kenya into Europe as we excel in managing the logistical process and our know-how of the product. We always go one step further to ‘deliver your success.’ And that doesn’t only apply for customers like Tesco, but also certainly for our partner growers and colleagues!

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