Partners in success

We focus on shopper needs, our bouquet and plant designs are based on these needs. But the story doesn’t end here. No, it’s just starting. As one of the most important shopper needs is a fresh product with a Vaselife that meets and exceeds expectations.

We can’t pledge this guarantee on our own, we depend on reliable and professional partners.

Only the best growers

We regard our growers as partners. Together we provide the best product for the shopper. This process already starts by choosing the preferred varieties to be grown. Color, cultivation techniques, quality features, specifications, we make sure it’s all in place. Our buyers are genuine product specialists and our team of quality managers secure the process.

That’s exactly why we work with exclusive partnerships, only with the best growers in the world. These partnerships are valuable and often go back 20 years. We help each other to continuously get the best out of the product. In all main production areas, we have quality managers based locally to secure and optimize the process.

Supply chain partners

As important as growing flowers and plants, is the supply chain between grower and supermarket. Managing temperature is key. Together with our supply chain partners, we ensure a controlled and optimal chain. Advanced techniques are used to control and optimize temperature during forwarding, consolidation and product assembly.

This way we ensure the freshest product and Vaselife that meets and exceeds expectations