1996 - foundation

Intergreen was founded on 23 September 1996 as result of a merger between the companies Sionsplant and Superflora and was a part of the Van Duijn Group already. In 1997 a turnover of more than fl 100 million (over €45 million) was reached, making Intergreen one of the largest exporters in the Netherlands.

1999 - crossing the channel

Ever since its foundation, Intergreen has focused on an efficient process in the supply chain. This focus made Intergreen decide to start up it’s own production facilities in The United Kingdom in 1999. In this same year Dutch Flower Group was formed by the merger of OZ Group (1959) and Van Duijn Group (1969).

2001 - moving into a new office

In 2001 Intergreen head office in Honselersdijk moves to the ‘Trade Parc Westland’. Next to this, a second production location in The United Kingdom was taken into operation.

2003 - cooperation

Within DFG close cooperation grows between Intergreen and GreenPartners. On a broad area these companies cooperate to jointly aim for operational excellence.In addition, Intergreen Kenya was founded. As one of the first European trading companies in Africa, Intergreen is able to source the best flowers from our African partner growers for our customers.

2005 - innovation

The year 2005 is dominated by innovation. Production units are extended with a number of hand-tie bouquets and machines, allowing bouquets to be produced even more efficient.

2007 - focus

This intensive cooperation between Intergreen and GreenPartners makes the companies decide in 2007 both to focus on their most important export areas. From this point onwards, Intergreen focuses on the UK market, while GreenPartners focuses on the other European (mainland) countries.

2010 - flower transport by sea

Since 2010 Intergreen is capable of transporting flowers by sea from Colombia to Europe. This innovation results in a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions.

2012 – new production facilities

In 2012 Intergreen starts producing it’s flowers and plants in a new ‘state-of-the-art’ production location. This facilities are designed especially for the assembly of flower bouquets and plants. One of the most advanced facilities for the assembly of flower bouquets and plants worldwide.

2014 – flower transport from Africa

Since 2014 Intergreen is capable to successfully transport flowers from Africa by sea.

2015 - and ongoing

We’re continuously striving for improvements, resulting in an even more efficient supply chain and assembly. Experience a view behind the scenes in our supply chain movie.

Behind the scenes at Intergreen UK