Dutch Flower Group

Intergreen is a family member of Dutch Flower Group.

Dutch Flower Group is a unique family of 30 specialized trading companies who, together, serve the entire floral chain. We work hard to offer our customers top quality cut flowers, mixed bouquets and/or plants. Each company has its own customer focus and approach.

Dutch Flower Group companies export to over 60 countries. Every week, on average 75 million flowers, 10 million bouquets and 5 million plants are delivered to consumers.

Dutch Flower Group was established on 1 January 1999 as a result of a merger between export companies OZ Group (which began in 1959), belonging to the Van Zijverden family, and the Van Duijn Groep (which began in 1969), belonging to the Van Duijn family. Each subsidiary was a specialist within its own market segment and the merger came about as a result of power — power to work together, to share knowledge and to approach markets directly. This structure still forms the basis for the current organisation, where specialisation, increases in scale, cost leadership and quality of employees are the differentiating forces.

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Your success is our success.

We provide value to our products together with our partners. We can achieve this by our way of concept development, sourcing, assembling and logistics in combination with innovation, expertise and quality which are the main goals. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with highly recommended products for a good price. Because your success, is our success!

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